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Kostas Tsiakos

Prime Protector of the 

Goblin, has crossed 

infinite blood - drenched battlefields, axe and pen in hand, to deliver skull - crushing heavy metal imagery to the world.

When battleworn artists Kostas Tsiakos and Giorgos Papadakis joined forces under the sacred flame of His Majesty the Goblin... Paper Goblin was born.

Together, they have embarked at last on a holy quest to bring inspiring art to life, to unleash their vision to the world. LP and CD covers, book and game illustrations, portraits, advertising, there is nothing they will not take by storm, for the glory

of the Mighty... Paper Goblin!


In Goblin We Trust

papgoblin 222 copy.png

Giorgos Papadakis,


Supreme Jester of the Goblin, has dedicated his fiery pen to the creation of imaginary worlds, hilarious characters, and glorious concept art.

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